NTN Medical Team

With almonst 43 years, NTN Medical Team has established and provided to imported medical supplies, instruement and Devices products to the customers.

in 2005 the company started to service medical devices with our manufacture to provided services both of domestic and international hospitals with high quality certification

Our company has never stop searching for the new innovation to serve our customer with even wider range of product and we can assure that our customers will satisfy with every prodcuts and services we provided

is the Logo of a group of companies with commitment and determination of their capabilities & service towards their customers in rendering ‘professional in your mind royalty in your heart that make us the #1 in the industry’ The Team comprises 3 companies as follows:-

TawanMcWeis is doing business withrenown suppliers around the world that trust us tin providing their productsvalue combined wiht our professional resources utilizing the best uses of their products

is taking care of the team’svalue chainsupply chain management

is an Original Designed and Original Brand Manufacturer of operation tables, gynecology chairsdelivery tables and accessori