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Welcome To NTN Medical Team

NTN Medical Team has evolved officially since 1978 from healthcare goods trading house into home of specific products for Minimum Invasive Surgery (MIS) Specialists to specific product line manufacturer where N represented Nondemocratic countries in the west, T represented Thailand in the center where democratic countries grouped and N referred to nondemocratic countries in the east. Here comes NTN, the core business are grouped as follows: 1.Technology 2.Manufacturing 3.Services


Technology products are mainly focused in the line of Minimum Invasive Surgery Products and Products for Decontaminated Instrumentation in hospital.


Manufacturing, the main products are Operation Tables, Gynecology Chairs and Orthopedic Attachments.


Services served the Medical Waste Management and Stroke Diagnosis Suit.

Working System

Front Line Office takes care of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and Support

Front Office is to support the works of front line office in regard with buyers & customers support and service

Back Office is to take care of finance and expenditures

Value Chains Office is to take care of Products

"The management Team is to align the working system into the most of effectiveness and efficiency to satisfy the customers and other stakeholders".

AMB Ecosteryl

AMB has perfected a process for the decontamination of hazardous wastes using microwaves. The equipment is characterized by an optimal efficiency: the patented microwave system makes it possible to achieve an homogenous in-depth treatment. ECOSTERYL is the answer to the waste removal problems faced by hospitals, problems that have become even tougher due to stricter regulations and the strengthening of hygienic and environmental rules.

A clean technology for the treatment of medical waste combining, in a continuous processpowerful shredding with dry and microwave core-heating of waste.

A highly productive technology for the treatment of sizeable deposits.

Slow, highly powerful shredding on 4 axles with trap and unshreddables management; shredder situated upstream and chemically decontaminable.

A microwave system for continuous thermal procesing that uses no steam or waterand does not emit any liquid or solid rejects in the atmosphere, no any radiation or odour.

Sifting of homogenates to obtain a very fine grading.

Production of a very dry decontaminated homogenate, potentially recoverable and recyclable.

100% ecological technology with zero pollution.

Olea Medical A pioneer in advanced post-processing software for brain imaging

Specialised in perfusion imaging, Olea Medical designs and markets innovative software aimed at improving the diagnosis of major cerebral diseases. Olea Medical provides simple, fast, accurate software packages to help clinicians deliver the best possible patient care.

Olea Medical solutions for the diagnosis of ischemic stroke increase patient safety and improve hospitals workfl ow. Based on scientifi cally proven and clinically effi cient algorithms, our software offer instant and automated perfusion mapping as well as one single dashboard for decision making quantifying penumbral and infarct volume in only a few seconds.

By providing a timesaving and easy to use package, Olea Medical allows clinicians to effi ciently use perfusion imaging on a clinical routine basis to better triage their patients and choose appropriate treatment.