Main characteristics :

Monitoring computer and full process robot control

Efficiency of decontamination permanently controlled

No harmful effects : no water, no steam, no odor, no reject, no radiation

Very fine and dry final output product, output weight less than input

No specialized manpower required

Installation in two days


Technical specifications :

• Processing capacity: 125kg/h: = Average of 250 tons per year and per shift, depending on the type of waste (the cost will gradually be reduced between the minimal and the maximal use of the capacity).

• Consumption:

- Water: regular consumption for cleaning operations only

• Electricity : 60 KW / 160 Amperes TRI + N / 380 V motor departure

• Dimensions of the equipment (approximately): 8 x 3,5 x 4,7m

• Weight: +/- 9 tons

• Microwaves: electromagnetic waves at the authorized frequency of 2450MHz. These waves can penetrate bodies from 5 to 12 cm deep.


Cost control

Transportation and treatment costs minimal (level of household waste)

Minimal cost for treatment, storage, transportation (volume reduction by 80%)

AMB Ecosteryl          Ecosteryl 250