New applications

Olea Medical is expanding its portfolio of post-processing software including modalities (MRI, CT) in cerebral diseases, in particular brain tumor.

The new brain tumor software package offers physicians the following features: leakage correction, K2 map, ROI, volume quantifi catio Olea Medical seamlessly interfaces fast, simple, accurate and consistent results with all MR, CT and PACS manufacturers.


Cutting edge technology designed through enhanced strategic partnerships

Olea Medical establishes medical partnerships with leading institutions and researchers in brain imaging to assure its future technology meets the needs of physicians.

World opinion leaders and international experts constitute our Medical Advisory Board.

Clinical and comparative studies are currently ongoing with major institutions such as NINDS/NIH (USA), the Charité Hospital (Germany) or La Timone University Hospital (France).


Stroke diagnosis suite

Brain imaging in emergency care setting now a reality !

Advanced software solutions for patient triage and management of acute stroke Fast, simple, FDA-cleared

The stroke diagnosis suite is comprised of PERFSCAPETM and NEUROSCAPETM, semi-automatic post-processing software. The combination of these two advanced applications allows physicians:

to triage their patients with unparalleled speed and accuracy

to finally use MR perfusion for acute stroke

to make a treatment decision in less than 2 minutes. Non-interventional and interventional procedures can be ideally assessed using the stroke diagnosis suite